Use Concrete Overlay For an Elegant Look

Most people think that concrete has to be a dull and gray floor. This type of flooring is common in warehouses but its mostly used as a cost-cutting measure. So, concrete does not have to be dull and boring; a concrete overlay can give you a beautiful floor at a reasonable cost. This option is excellent for almost any building, including a home. The expense of an engineered concrete layer is comparable to tile, and you will be amazed by the results.

Millionaires tend to have beautiful floors in their houses; this flooring is usually made using marble. It’s no secret that marble is fantastic, but it’s also extremely expensive. If your goal was marble flooring, but you find it too expensive, some businesses can produce polymer resin and concrete mixtures; they mimic marble at very affordable prices. The polymer is used to help bind the overlay to the concrete which ensures that the properties of concrete do not crack due to the changes in temperature and humidity of fluctuations in your home. Even better, the process gives the concrete the appearance, color, and shimmer of marble.

Overlays vary in thickness; they can be very thin or several inches thick. When concrete and polymer and mixed well, they stick to the slab making it longlasting. In fact, even the flooring at those warehouses mentioned above have a concrete overlay on top of the slab. The overlay gives that top layer the shine. These floors are well-known for their durability; they can endure many years of use, tear, and downright abuse. Overlays are resistant to salt, UV exposure, chemicals, making them ideal for outdoor usage.

Concrete overlays provide a tool that has the ability to transform almost any surface in your house into one with an elegant stone outlook. The surfaces range from walls and doorways to the kitchen to driveways and patios. After a surface is selected, a thin layer of cement is applied as the initial step in the procedure. A stone pattern of your choice is carved into the overlay, and your home can enjoy the benefits of a layout and design that is custom-made to accentuate your current decor.

In modern houses, there is a new trend that is arising; using the concrete overlay for even countertops. Since concrete is longlasting and an overlay has the capability to mimic different materials, the result is a lasting countertop which appears pricey. Some homeowners stain the concrete because they enjoy the appearance, others use an overlay to acquire that marble or granite look. While granite and marble make for great countertops, neither offers the strength and durability of concrete. Finally, when compared to granite and marble countertops , concrete is much more resistant to odors and stains.

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