How To Ensure Your Prom Dress Remain Perfect For A Long Time

One cannot afford to spoil the prom dress hence the need to understand how to keep this expensive garment safe. Several tips help a person to keep the dress in its perfect condition. The gown needs care before and after your prom to ensure its authentic nature remains.

You need to take care of your prom dress by preventing it from any creases or damage that may occur to the gown before your prom. Ensure that the dress comes with a complimentary bag that is useful in storing the prom dress. If your retailer does not provide this complimentary garment bag, you should make a point of buying one from a supermarket or any other online retailers. The dress should not be in contact with the floor hence the need to hang it high above the floor when storing it. Make sure the place is closed, and the dress cannot be affected by cooking smells or any other element that may spoil its beauty.

Let the dress stay until the day of your prom to maintain its tightness and to make sure that the beads are intact. The more time you this dress out of the garment, the higher the chances of it getting damaged or spoil. Wearing the dress before prom does not fulfil its purpose; therefore, a person should wear it during prom. You can contact a professional dry cleaner when the dress creases before your prom.
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You prom dress can be spoiled by makeups hence it is advisable to wear it after you have finished applying the make-up. Make sure that the bronzer and the lotion that you apply on your body during prom night does not conflict with the prom dress. Apply perfume when you are you are not dressed as it can tarnish the beads and crystals on the prom dress. It is important to open the zip of the dress before wearing it or ask for a helping hand in order to wear it perfectly without interfering with it’s make.
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The designer of the dress was particular in the making of the dress as it is used for talking, standing or sitting but not making strides from one point to another. Your Arrival should be very modest as it will help in maintaining the dress. Always bear in mind that this dress is very precious and expensive hence the need to take care of it the whole night. Make sure that only reputable dry cleaner handles your prom dress after the prom night.

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